Our fabulous collection of Gourmet Strawberry towers are perfect for making an unique and exquisite gift that will make any holiday memorable.

Delicious chocolate covered strawberries with a sophisticated design accompanied by fresh beautiful roses, that will add to any celebration a distinctive and special touch to delight your guesses.

All the towers come in a tray ready to serve and beautifully wrapped as a gift.

We offer different sizes and different colors....ask about other options and toppers to customize your gift.

Order now calling to 305 904 8408 or send us an email to Info@makememycake.com


Base Diameter: 10"

Height: 20"

N. Roses: 24 roses (2 dozen)

N. Strawberries: 48 strawberries (2 dozen)

Price: $200

Customize with your own colors!!!.


Base Diameter: 10"

Height: 16"

N. Roses: 2 dozens

N. Strawberries: 3 dozens (36)

Price: $180

Choose your own Holiday detail!!!



Base Diameter: 10"

Height: 14"

N Roses: 2 dozens

N. Strawberries: 2 dozens (24)

Price: $150

Top your tower according to the occasion!!!




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strawberry tower