If you are looking for live classes go here to see my next classes and shows. 

If what you are looking for online classes I have two Craftsy Classes.  Craftsy is an online platform where you can take courses of so many different themes and have it forever. You can see the course as many times as you want and the best part is that you can ask the instructor as many questions as you need so if you don't' understand something you are not alone.

Fondant FAshionista: Cakes with Style

This is my new class that just came out!! In this class I teach not only how to make 5 different unique bows but also how to make 5 different cakes with lots of new techniques than can be applied to any other cake, perfect for any occasion. If you took my first class and want to take step further and create more complex not only bows but also textures, this class is perfect for you, so take advantage here of this special discount for you that wont last Cakes with Style Class


Super Fabulous Bows and Fashion Details

This is my first class. A class of basic bows, complex bows and beautiful textures .You will learn how to make those super big fabulous bows and the textures of the cakes. You will learn 8 different cake designs from the beginning to the end. It's an amazing class full of information!!! Get here you special discount!!!



Faye Cahill Wedding CakesIf you want to learn how to make beautiful wedding cakes, this is your class!! Faye is an awesome teacher who teach how to make those embellishments, how to get that perfect champagne color and how to fill and over a flower petal shaped cake...all in one class!! Take your coupon here and enjoy this gorgeous class!!!

The Clean and Simple collection 

This is a class where you will learn lots of techniques that you could apply to your own cakes. Jessica works in fondant plaques to show you how to make the techniques. Take here the coupon. cleanandsimpletechnqiues

Industry secrets for the Savvy Decorator

absolutely recommend you this class if you want to learn some really brilliant tips of cake decorating. The class touches different points from decorate to transport the cake in a safety way. I love the class!! here you have your discount!!

 How to start your Cake Business

This is a great class if you want to start your own cake business with basic tips and very usefull information. Take here your discount coupon here and start right now your business!!!!
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Baby Shoes Step by Step

Have you seen how cute is this class of Sharon Wee!!! Oh my God I love it!! if you want to learn how to make these super extra mega cute baby shoes this is your class!! Grab your coupon here!!!

baby shoes step by step


Fondant Frills by Maggie Austin

This class is perfect if you want to be this wonderful frills!! The frill of these cakes are so organic and  for me Maggie Austin makes magic in her cakes so take advantage of this discount link to take her class!!

fondant frills maggie austin


Creative Cuts Colors Reveals by Rachel Teufel

I looove this class, I think that it was love at first sight!! Rachel has been so brilliant creating this beautiful technique!! Also she has some specials cutters that you can use to make it easier. Remember to use this link to take advantage of the discount link!!!

creative cuts color reveals rachael teufel

Simply Modern Cake Design by Jessica Harris

I specially encourage to take this class, not only because Jessica is fantastic teaching her class but also because I think that its really important to know how to make those tall or high or double barrel cakes that she perfectly teaches. Now a days double barrel cakes are trendy so go ahead and learn how to make here beautiful and modern designs. Click here to get the discount for you class with Jessica.

simply modern cake design

Designer Cookies by Autumn Carpenter

Who doesn't want to learn how to make these cute cookies now that Christmas is coming to town!! Not only she teaches how to decorate them but also how to bake them with a delicious recipe. Do you want some??? just click here to get your discount!!!

designer cookies by


Little Pink Dress Cake by Anne Heap

This is class is sooo fancy!! In the class you will learn how to make those Cloth bustiers with their beautiful dresses  and chic details. Anne explains really good the class but I would suggest you if you are beginner to start with a more basic class. Here you have the link to get a discount in the class. Enjoy it!!! Discount link

little pink dress cake anne heap


Innovative Buttercream Cakes with Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong

If you don't like to work with fondant and think that buttercream is the best medium for you, no doubt that this class is for you. Although I am a fondant addict when I took this class I realized that you can make so many beautiful things with buttercream as well. So if you want to give it a try here is the coupon to take advantage of the special price. Coupon

buttercream modern cakes valeri valeriano y crhistina ong


The perfect Cupcake by Jennifer Shea

For those of you who prefer the popular cupcakes I will tell you that his class is amazing. This class she makes not only great recipes but also beautiful ideas for decorating them. I will tell you that if you like cupcakes this is a must...Jennifer is the best making cupcakes, She has been making cupcakes for many years and you can see it in her class. Take advantage of the discount here!!!

the perfect cupcake by jennifer shea

Intro to Modeling Chocolate by Lauren Kitchens

Another class that I consider really usefull is this wonderful intro to modeling chocolate. Lauren explains how to make the perfect modeling chocolate which is very easy to make and once you try you never stop using in your cakes. If you want to improve your skills and add the modeling chocolate to your life...this class is for you!! Discount code here

modeling chocolate

Designer Handbag Cake by Elisa Strauss

What can I say about Elisa? she is one of my idols even before this class and I love her perfectionism in everything she does!! Taking this class you will not only to make this beautiful handbag but also you will learn how to sculpt a cake and you could apply the technique to many other sculpted cakes. So if you want to go ahead and take the class with Elisa grab the discount and enjoy her wonderful class!!  Discount here

designer handbag cakes elisa strauss

Elegant Lace Cakes by Zoe Clark

In this class Zoe shows how to make her amazing an romantic lace cakes. The cakes that she teaches are so classic, elegant and soo delicate. And not necessary have to be for a wedding cake now a days the cakes are so trendy in any special celebrations. Take advantage of the discount here!!!

elegant lace cakes zoe clark

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Miniature French dessert By Collet Christian

I have to talk about this class because its really good. She gives a fantastic technique to control the macaroons arts which is really difficult but Collet makes it sooo easy. This class is for those of you who enjoy baking these delicious desserts and who need the right way to make them. Here is the discount for you !!

miniature french desserts

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