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sunflower wedding cake


Last month I had the pleasure to make a sunflower cake for a couple (Sara & Steven) who came from Texas to Miami to celebrate their beautiful wedding!! The wedding seemed like a photo shoot for the uniqueness of all the decorations, but it was a real wedding!! The amazing and beautiful photos are from  Diego and Vanessa in Miami.

sunflower wedding cakeIts obvious that the theme was Sunflowers but look how they paid attention to the minimal details and make the wedding really special!!!


The mansion where they get married was perfect for the occasion and they dressed amazingly charming!!

01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_003-XL 01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_002-M 01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_009-XL 01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_026-X2

I didn't see the couple but the bride had a beautiful dress with cowboy boots covered by the long beautiful dress matching this detail with  the bridesmaids. The grooms and the guys had cowboy hats.

04_Formals_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_055-M 04_Formals_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_058-M


I adore all the details and the singularity of all the elements

01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_039-M01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_011-MIMG_8887 01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_043-XL

01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_007-X2 Of course I made the cake which was very simple and the main elements were the sunflowers.



This is the picture that I to ok before the cake left....I always do it just in case....

Photo credit: Diego & Vanessa. Party Rentals: Imperial Party Rentals

sunflowerwedcakeHope that you have enjoyed the pics as much as I did!! What about you guys...would you get married with a specific theme or you prefer to go simple and traditional??? I would love to hear from you!!!

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wedding cake in miami

Dusty Blue Ruffle Wedding Cake

There is no better way to start the year than making a beautiful wedding cake!!! The cake was for a couple who live in New York and wanted a beach wedding celebration.


The cake was very simple and romantic. I used only two colors, white and dusty blue.  I love the contrast of these two colors and both match perfectly with the color of the sea.


For making the bottom tier I used my ruffle technique included in my first Craftsy class. I know that Its very time consuming but the good thing about this texture is, that it doesnt matter what color you use, the result is spectacular!!


Definitively using blue in a beach wedding celebration is a great choice


The whole cake was topped with three big sugar flowers with the center dusted with a little orange, to make them more dimensional.


What do you thing about these trendy colors different than the traditional white for the wedding??? Would you use this dusty blue in your wedding?

Do you remember my yellow cake where I used also the scrunched ruffle? as you can see is the same texture but in different color....isn't it beautiful in any color???


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