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sunflower wedding cake


Last month I had the pleasure to make a sunflower cake for a couple (Sara & Steven) who came from Texas to Miami to celebrate their beautiful wedding!! The wedding seemed like a photo shoot for the uniqueness of all the decorations, but it was a real wedding!! The amazing and beautiful photos are from  Diego and Vanessa in Miami.

sunflower wedding cakeIts obvious that the theme was Sunflowers but look how they paid attention to the minimal details and make the wedding really special!!!


The mansion where they get married was perfect for the occasion and they dressed amazingly charming!!

01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_003-XL 01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_002-M 01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_009-XL 01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_026-X2

I didn't see the couple but the bride had a beautiful dress with cowboy boots covered by the long beautiful dress matching this detail with  the bridesmaids. The grooms and the guys had cowboy hats.

04_Formals_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_055-M 04_Formals_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_058-M


I adore all the details and the singularity of all the elements

01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_039-M01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_011-MIMG_8887 01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_043-XL

01_Details_2016-03-05_Sara+Steven_007-X2 Of course I made the cake which was very simple and the main elements were the sunflowers.



This is the picture that I to ok before the cake left....I always do it just in case....

Photo credit: Diego & Vanessa. Party Rentals: Imperial Party Rentals

sunflowerwedcakeHope that you have enjoyed the pics as much as I did!! What about you guys...would you get married with a specific theme or you prefer to go simple and traditional??? I would love to hear from you!!!

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Chef Hat Cake

This weekend I made a cake for María. I love when I make the cakes of some kids year by year because it reminds me how  time flyes and sometimes  scares  me!! I made her 7 years old cake few days ago…how it’s possible to being today making it again!!! but not, it was one year ago!!!! OMG


So last weekend Maria turned 8.  She was born in Mexico but she has a Spanish spirit, she loves flamenco dance!! But at the same  time she is a great junior cooker so she wanted to make a party in a Chef cuisine with  all his friends. At the party, they prepared some fresh pasta, garlic bread and after that they  ate what they cooked as well as their own cupcakes. It was a great party and a great idea!! so I made a mix themed cake of chef and flamenco….weird mix but kids are like this!!!


So I made a very simple cake. This is not a detailed step by step, I just wanted to post few quickly “bad” pictures that I took in the middle of the rush, so you can see how to make it as believe me that this cake is so easy to make, what its really  important  is to make it really clean.


I stacked three layers of 8″ round chocolate cake on top of  2  layers of 7″ round chocolate cake, all filled with chocolate ganache. With a serrate knife I made some indentations on the top part to create a non uniform hat shape and then cover all the pieces with buttercream.


The bottom tier is 10″ round vanilla cake with chocolate ganache covered with white fondant.


I cover the top part of the chef hat cake with fondant. In this case try to cover it not so perfect and create those creases. If you have any air bubble don’t pinch it out because it will create a nice effect in the cake.


I covered the bottom part of the hat with a white fondant stripe all around.


I made the sugar decorations in advance so I just need to attach to the cake with some chocolate and cover them with the fondant pockets.


When you put all together the cake is really nice, simple a represents perfectly the theme of the party.


As Maria wanted a flamenca on top of the tier, I made her in sugar.

mariaAnd finally she had her flamenca chef themed cake!!!

fot7The party was great and all the kids loved the cake…and I must say that also parents!!!

mariaflamencaHappy Birthday María!!!


As now many kids love Master Chef junior this chef hat cake is a great option for their birthdays and very easy to make. Hope you liked it!!!

Thank you for being there!!!! xoxox

What do you think about the idea?? it is not a great idea for kids parties??



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