How To Make Gold Edible Confetti!!

Recently I was asked by one of my long time clients to make a trio cakes for her beautiful birthday sweet table. She wanted to have a main navy blue cake with some hot pink decorations and two little ones with the same color combo This blue is so trendy  and make the table super beautiful as the hot pink make a beautiful contrast!! . She thought in one of my cakes from my second Craftsy class and I loved the idea of transforming the design with these new color combination, which I absolutely looove!!! 

wedding cake

 I thought in making the small cakes very simple, keeping the same line as the main one. I opted to decorate one with some gold edible confetti and little sugar flowers and the other one with some chocolate dripping painted in gold.

edible gold confetti tutorial

There are different ways to make these confetti or sequins. The most common is to make fondant cut outs and paint them with gold but I find it very messy and takes forever. Kara has also a different technique making them with gelatin if you want to check it out. As I am always run out of time, I thought in something more simple and fast, so I came out with this idea:

You will need to have:

  1. One sheet of wafer paper

  2. Edible gold leaf

  3. Small circle puncher

  4. Piping gel

  5. Paintbrush

edible confetti tutorial

I apply piping gel to the wafer paper sheet section that I want to cover with gold leaf. Make sure that all the surface is well coated without any gap.

edible confetti tutorial

I put the gold leaf on top of the wafer paper making sure that is  in the section coated with piping gel

edible confetti tutorial

I peel off the gold leaf very carefully

edible confetti tutorial

And here we have a super shinny gold wafer paper!!

confetti tutorial

Now the only thing that we have to do is cut the confetti with one puncher. I used a school one but you can find those more crafty that sell with different sizes, but remember that confetti is small. 

edible confetti tutorial

Once you have all the confetti or sequins ready,  you just need to attach them to the cake adding a little pipping gel to the back of the pieces with a paintbrush.

edible confetti tutorial










Look how something so simple can make a cake gorgeous!!!

edible confetti tutorial










These two little simple cakes are the perfect match for the main cake!!!

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2 Comments on How To Make Gold Edible Confetti!!

  1. Michelle
    March 4, 2016 at 1:03 PM (2 years ago)

    Where did you find edible gold leaf?

    • Eva Salazar
      March 4, 2016 at 2:09 PM (2 years ago)

      You can find it in Amazon from $11 to up It depends of how many you want. Just google 24k edible gold leaf and you will find different places and prices. Thank you


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