Doggie Cake and how I made it!!

Last weekend has been so chaotic, you know when all the things agree to happen at the same time? yes, that it was last weekend!! among these things I received a special order from a special client to make her a dog cake. And why not, one more thing to add to the list it could be even interesting to add more pressure to the weekend!! But you know what? body was asking me for a sculptured cake so I was so pleased with the order!!!

medio I didn't have good pictures of the real dog so my imagination worked hard to come out with the original one, but at the end I think that it really looked alike!!!!

The challenge of the cake wasn't to make the dog cake, I think it was to finish the cake at 12.15pm  and get ready for a wedding which started at 1 pm...crazy, I just dressed up in 15 minutes and left with buttercream and fondant in my hair....oh my god!!!


I haven't planned to make a tutorial of this last minute cake so when I finished the head I though:" hummm this could be interesting for my blog readers!!", so thinking in you guys I took some pictures of the process, basically of the body and structure so you can see how is built.

I made the ears of the dog with gum paste and let it dry overnight. Then I inserted in the head with the picks inside the ears.


I started from bottom part with 7" super yummy chocolate cake filled with special dark chocolate ganache. After 4 cakes I inserted a base to keep building the body and to make possible serve the cake. You can see in the picture how is the internal structure to make a solid dog cake which can be transported safely. The long dowel that goes from the top of the cake to the bottom is super important!! The good thing about this dog is that the base was going to be covered with sand sugar so I could work directly on the same base, I just had to add the "sand".

The position of the dog was weird but it's the way of the dog sits...isn't it cute?

foto 2

To form the extended leg of the dog I put fondant behind and then I covered it with fondant and I made some marks where I really didn't pay so much attention because they will be covered with the "sand" of the supposed "beach".


I covered the whole body with fondant and made it to have the seam in the back of the cake.


This dog is black and white, so I decided to paint in dry, the black marks with black petal dust and a make up paintbrush. I could have airbrushed it but it loved to dust so this was a great occasion to do it.

To hide the seam of the back I really worked it. First I work the seam with a celpin trying to close it as much as I could and I applied water (very very little, just to wet) and keep rolling the celpin. Then I used a method that I took from Erican O'briens blog, which is fantastic and works really great. Then I reapply the black dust but a wet the paintbrush with vodka (very little, just enough to make it more applicable). Believe me that if you didn't look really close the seam almost disappeared...I love it!!

black_petal_dustWatch out with this black dust because its so messy and dirt everything around you!!!

The last thing that I did was to add the two front legs which was the support to hold the weight of the cake, as this dog has a really big chest so big amount of cake was located there just suspended in the Making a cake like this the structure is really important, I would say even more than any other thing, specially if the cake has to be transported.

My special tip is to plan ahead of time and have very clear where you are going. Elisa Strauss has a fantastic class with 10 lessons where she teaches in detailed how to make a basic dog showing how to do from the internal structure to the end with all the details that a dog could has. And then you can apply the method  to any dog that you need to make. Click here to see the preview and get a special coupon.

sculpted dog cake

The cake arrived to the party in perfect conditions and I arrived to the wedding only 10 minutes late which was great having in mind that I didn't only dress up my self also my son!! This is the cakers life, everything running and without time for ourselves but there are no words to describe the satisfaction that I had when I finished and everything came out perfect!!!


isn't it cute this doggie??


The final touch to the birthday guy couldn't be more beautiful signature big black and white bow that matched perfect with the dog and makes it perfect for a gift!! 


Now that holidays are coming so soon, make a cake with one of my bows is a really good idea, they are so festive and perfect to celebrate any special occasion!!!


So if you haven't still gotten my bow classes this is the perfect time to make it and transform your beautiful bows  into a festive bow for a perfect occasion!!!

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Hope that you have enjoyed my cutie dog behind the scenes process!!! Here is the pic of the cake in the party with a little hint of for who was the cake for!!

laura pausini

What cake are you planning to make these holidays?? I would love to know!!

And remember that there is still going on the Christmas Cake Contest 2015 where we are having so much fun seeing so many great christmas cakes from around the world. Do you have any Christmas cake to enter?? go now here and check out the rules and prizes....Can't wait to see your cakes!!!!


You just have to upload your best cake pic in my facebook page to enter!!


Thank you so much for being here and happy pre-holidays!!!!



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